As you may have noticed this is our old site, and we're not maintaining it anymore. But it's a good reminder of all the places we've been to. If you'd like to see the latest news and information about us.

Back home to Canada for a week -- April, 2005

A big trip to Japan, with lots of temples, shrines and noodles -- January, 2005
A few days to celebrate our anniversary in Portugal -- October, 2004
We spent about 10 days exploring Poland and Dresden -- August 2004
Our third trip to Cortina in as many years for curling -- June 2004
Andrew's Birthday Weekend in the palaces and vineyards of Gloucestershire -- June, 2004
Friedel goes with a friend for a 'girlie weekend' in Bilbao, Northern Spain -- June, 2004
Our tour of Southern Morocco, a few days in the desert-- March 2004
Our tour of Southern Morocco, a few days in the mountains -- March 2004

Featured Site:

We've designed a site for the Province of London curling club and now that we actually have ice to curl on it should get quite a few hits!

Dune Roaming...

Read all about our amazing trek through the Sahara desert and see some beautiful pictures. (read more here)

June 18

We had a great weekend in Derbyshire, hiking, eating some very good food and then caving on Sunday. Pictures coming soon! Meanwhile, here are some pictures from a food festival we went to on Friday night.(read more here)