Jayme on our first bust ride into Bilbao

A street near Bilbao's old town

The view from our hostel room, about 10 minutes from the city centre

The view looking the other way from our hotel room. The morning mist is still burning off before it becomes hot and sunny for the day!

The famous Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, which displays modern art. It was built without any right angles by a Canadian architect.

Another shot of the Guggenheim and the flowering "puppy" sculpture in front of it.

One of the sculptures inside the Guggenheim. It is three huge sheets of shaped metal and you can walk through it.

The first floor gallery of the Guggenheim, as seen from one floor up.

Gazing skyward from the ground floor of the Guggenheim.

More upward views of the Gugenheim.

Outside, the Guggenheim sits right on the river that flows through Bilbao.

The museum as seen from a side street.

Jayme outside the Guggenheim.

Friedel outside the Guggenheim.

More pics of this curvy museum.

Jayme beside a massive sculpture of a spider.

An artistic bridge, just a few minutes walk from the Guggenheim.

Going across the bridge.

Another view of the bridge.

We then took a funicular up one of the many mountains surrounding Bilbao, and looked down at the city below.

Friedel with the mountain view behind her.

Going back down the funicular.

The view from our hostel at night.

The river is nearly everywhere you turn in Bilbao.

On Friday we went to the beach town of San Sebastien or Donostia as it's known to locals.

We spent a good few hours on this beach and got a very nice burn -- Friedel on her front and Jayme on her back. Ouch!


A huge statue that overlooks the beach, perhaps of the city's founder?


A coffee treat -- ice cream in a shot of espresso. This is known as Affogato al Caffe in Italian.

The Buen Pastor (Good Pastor) cathedral in San Sebastien.

A couple dancing tango in front of local cafes.

The view of the cathedral from one of the streets in the old city.

Another gorgeous church in San Sebastien.

And from further back...

Back in Bilbao on the last day, this is the fish part of the food market -- Europe's biggest covered market. What you see here is one half of one aisle. There are three to four aisles on each floor and three floors!