These are the trenches that great you when you come to Ypres -- the site of the first gas attack in 1915. Can you imagine trying to survive a gas attack in these shallow trenches?

Here you can just see a little doorway. That leads to an underground room where the men would have tried to sleep.

Another trench....

Here are some of the gravestones found at Ypres.

Another trench and a makeshift bridge at Ypres. The metal is, of course, in place of wood which has long since rotted away.

The gravestone of another unknown soldier from a Canadian regiment.

The graveyard at Ypres.

Another shot of the graveyard.

Look how perfect these cemetaries are. Nothing is out of place, everything is in a perfectly straight line.

This is the cathedral and the town hall of Ypres. It was almost completely destroyed during the war but has since been rebuilt.

A closer shot of the town hall.

The main square in Ypres.