On our first day in Alghero -- sunny and about 20 degrees. Lovely!


The whole city is surrounded by walls, a hangover from when it was always at danger of a sea invasion.

The marina at Alghero.

Andrew sitting on one of the city walls, overlooking the marina.

Alghero as seen from the water.

We took a short boat ride out to a little grotto, tucked inside a cliff.

Inside was this amazing sight, known locally as Neptune's Grotto.

There are stalagmites and stalactites everywhere, all of them miillilons of years old.

Although it is hard to see in this picture, here the roof of the cave overhangs a rather large lake.

Heading back to Alghero, this picture gives you some idea of how tall the clifs are. This only shows about a third of the whole height.

Andrew sitting at the front of the boat.

Friedel, with her hair being blown every which way!







A view from the promenade along Alghero's main beach.

On our third day in Sardinia we took a trip along the coast to the fishing community of Bosa.

Along the way we spotted this diver from a cliff. The waters were so clear and blue everywhere we went.

A flower from one of the small catus-like plants growing on nearly every hillside in Sardinia.

The view from a long, winding road, straight up!!

In a secluded cover, near Bosa.

A lone fisherman out on a crop of rock near Bosa's marina.

The green hills of Sardinia's interior.

Lovely sand dunes and a beach near Oristano, further along the western coast of Sardinia.

Friedel couldn't resist dipping her toes in, but then got caught by a huge wave!

On Easter Sunday we went to the centre of Alghero to see their traditional Easter procession. The streets were packed half an hour before the festivities began.

It started with many multi-coloured flags coming down one side street.

That was followed by the statue of Jesus.

A close up of the statue.

Then from another side street, came the Virgin Mary. When the two met at an intersection the whole crowd started cheering and about 20 locals fired off guns full of confetti. A brass band started playing, the procession merged and continued.

On the other side of the island, near the city of Olbia, we started a drive up Sardinia's "Emerald Coast" or Costa Smeralda -- so named because of its beautiful waters.

More time to dip our toes in the water -- not quite warm enough for swimming but nice enough for a splash.

Looking down on the water.

A beach we visted on our last day. The rocks to the left are where they mined the granite for the Roman Pantheon.

An archeological site called the Giants Tomb, because of the huge rocks leading to the graveyard.

Sunny skies on our last day. In fact, we didn't have any rain the whole time we were there.