The main town square in Prague, with the famous astronomical clock in the background.

A beautiful church on the North side of Charles Bridge, where they hold many concerts in the evenings.

The top of the church, and its organ, as seen from one of the balconies.

This is the Jewish Cemetary where hundreds of Jews were buried for centuries. It is very small, but because they had no money to buy more land they had to make do.

Some of the graves could contain as many as 12 layers and there could be about 40,000 people buried here. However, the Jewish faith says graves should not be disturbed, so there's no way to really tell how many people rest here.

One night we went to see some traditional Czech dancing -- very entertaining!

More dancing...

It may look morbid (well, maybe it is) but it's also the inside of a church.....

The church is in the town of Kutna Hora, about 1 hour south of Prague by train.

The man who looked after the church had nowhere to bury the villagers, and the bones started to pile up. SO...he did what anyone would do, and made decorations out of them, including this chandelier.

This candle holder was another one of his creations.