On the first weekend of Oktoberfest in Munich, the crowds were rolling towards the festival grounds by 10am!

Andrew tackles one of the Oktoberfest pretzels -- pretty big, but still not the largest one you can buy.

The inside of one of the beer halls. Each one has its own theme. This is at about 10:30am -- even now there are people drinking beer and by noon it will be impossible to find a seat.

Paul and Friedel, enjoying a beer in the famous Haufbrauhaus -- downtown Munich.

Friedel with her great aunt Gertrud.

The headstone of Gertrud's husband Heinz -- a short walk from Gertrud's home in Pasing (a suburb of Munich).

We took a day trip to Dachau -- a concentration camp near Munich. This is one of the watchtowers.

A statue on the grounds of the camp. It is meant to commorate those who were kept at Dachau. His defiant stance, and the fact that his hands are in his pockets (something that would never have been allowed by the guards) shows he has hasn't given in to his imprisoners.

The cement foundations outline where the bunkers stood at Dachau.

A golden fountain on the grounds of Linderhof Castle.

Linderhof Castle as seen by above. About an hour's train ride from Munich, this is one of the homes of the "crazy" King Ludwig.

Tubingen -- about three hours from Munich and the German town to which Mount Allison sends its students. We were there on a very rainy and cold day, but it was still a great placeto wander around.

Having dinner with Katja, an old friend from Strasbourg.