Thames Up River

The Thames as seen from Tower Bridge � a great place to view sunsets!

This is Tower Bridge, beautiful eh? It really is one of the most beautiful spots along the Thames. On most days though it gets quiet windy so watch your hat when you�re crossing over! You can also take a tour of the bridge and walk across the walkways at the very top for a first class view of the city.

Tower Bridge when it raises to let cruise ships through, about twice a day. The sight of the bridge going up attracts a lot of tourists but is a pain for motorists and walkers since it holds traffic up for about 20 minutes.

St. Katharine�s Dock, near Tower Bridge, is possibly one of the most peaceful areas in London and also where we spent our first days. This is the view from the Wills� home, where the triplets live.

See the triplet site here!

These are Morris Dancers, some crazy people from the North of England doing a traditional dance with a moose�don�t ask, we don�t understand it either J

This was taken near Tower Bridge during our first week. They had a fair along the docks showing London the way it was in the past years. In the background you can see the Dickens Inn, a popular pub in the summertime.

Look up, way up! Yes, you know what it is...everyone's favourite...BIG BEN!

A nice picture of the London Eye as we saw it on our first day in London.

This is one of London�s many new attractions for the millennium. One spin around takes about 30 minutes and costs about �8. At the end of the year it will be taken down and sold.

A shot of the Tate Modern Art Museum, built in a former power plant, and the infamous Millennium Bridge that leads to St. Paul�s Cathedral. The bridge was the first crossing over the Thames in 100 years, built for the year 2000 celebrations, but was closed days after it opened because it wobbled too much. The architects made a mistake in the design and now there is a public campaign to re-open it despite the wobble.

Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square with the National Gallery in the background.

The back of the London Parliment buildings.

The front view of London's St. Paul's cathedral.


The building where Andrew works -- right in the heart of The City.

The Eurostar pulling into Lille, where we boarded to head back to London.

Andrew and Friedel bored on Eurostar. It's amazing how much a digital camera can entertain!