A castle on the hills of Nafplion, many long steps up!!

Entrance to Agamemnon's Tomb at Mycenae, a giant bee-hive.

The entrance, looking outwards.

The twisty roads around Mycenae.

A mountain goat climbs over the Mycenaen ruins.

A tree that caught my attention.

The town of Nafplion, as seen from the fortress.

Looking down, onto some beautiful beaches.

The town of Nafplion at sunset.

The castle is on the top of this hill -- as we said, a long way up.

The view of Nafplion from our hotel room, and the rooftop terrace.

Flowers on a cactus.

The cog-railway train we took into the hills of Diakofto, near Patras.

Arriving into the village of Mega Spileon -- where the hike to the monastery begins.

Looking out the window of the train.

Another picture of the brook.

The monastery, set on a hill.

A view, half-way up our hike from the train to the monastery.

Us on top of the mountain.

Another picture, taken from another fortress in Nafpaktos.

The walls of that fortress.

The sea from Nafpaktos, and the land on the other side is the Peloponese.

The fortress at Nafpaktos, especially nice because it's abandonned so you can go for a quiet walk or just explore.

The sea.

The view from a restaurant in Delphi.

The ruins at Delphi.

A closer view.

And another view.

A shop selling sponges in Athens, just one of many.

Ampitheatre, near the Acropolis.

Columns of the Acropolis.

The Parthenon.

Another view of the many ruins around the Acropolis.