Hannover has not traditionally had a lot to offer tourists but since Expo 2000 was held in this city they have really fixed things up and it's a good place to take a break while travelling. The real treat in this area though is Celle --a town near Hannover that was not damaged at all in WWII. All the buildings are exactly as they were and there are lots of quaint shops and cafes to keep you amused for an afternoon. Visit the palace and be sure to try Spaghetti Eis in one of the ice cream parlours -- yummy!


A Fairytale Land

Nothing is more fairytale-like than this castle, a creation of the crazy German King Ludwig and nestled in Southern Germany.

Stop Number One: Fuessen

As well as being a charming town in Southern Bavaria, Fuessen is well known for the castles of King Ludwig, including the one above which was the model for Cinderella's palace in Disney World. The castles are the main draw to the town but it is also a gorgeous area with lots of pictures just waiting to be taken. And if you want to avoid the throngs of tourists, find the hiking trail that runs behind the local high school. You'll go past beautiful waterfalls on your way up to the castle. In Fuessen, the tourists mean there are lots of ritzy and expensive hotels to be had but we found a lovely bed and breakfast for only 50 DM per person: Hotel Fuessen (Altseestrasse 18, 08362 3551).

Stop Number Two: MUNICH

The big event in Munich is Oktoberfest, an essential to any good German trip. If you're not there in late September, when Oktoberfest takes place, try dropping into any beer hall including Munich's Hofbrauhaus. But back to Oktoberfest. During the course of 2 weeks millions onverge on the Munich fairgrounds for tons of beer, pretzels and silly music. Every good Bavarian wears lederhosen (leather shorts with suspenders) and no matter where you come from you dance!! Make sure you arrive early in the day and once you find a seat stick to it like glue. Of course there is more to Munich than Oktoberfest and drinking. Be sure to visit the Frauenkirchen church for a great view of the city, the ornately carved town hall and the Olympic Park. See the official tourism site for Munich here.


We made a quick stop in Regensburg to see the cathedral and another of King Ludwig's creations: a greek temple he built to honour every German he deemed worthy of recognition. We think this guy had too much time on his hands! You can drive to the temple but a nice option is to take a cruise down the Donau River from the city centre to the temple.


Everyone knows that Berlin is a must for any trip to Germany. You can see the longest remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery and if you're in the area, you have to check out Amrit (Oranienstrasse 202 - 203, U1 or U15: Gorlitzer Banhof), the best Indian restaurant we've found anywhere in our travels. For places to stay the tourist office is a good start, but if you're coming on a weekend or in the summer try and book ahead as Berlin always has lots of things going on. Also try taking a trip up the Fernturm (like the CN Tower) for a great view, or a day trip to historic Potsdam and the nearby Park Sansouci. Oh, and Berlin is well known for its museums. Some even have re-created Greek temples inside them!!