A sunset, on our first day of hiking.

This is the first town, Monterosso. It has one main street with shops that sell local specialties, including the wine of the region.

The main street, from another angle.

Fishing is one of the main industries that keeps these towns going, along with tourism.

The beach, and the hill we're about to climb.

A cat I made friends with on the path.

A door that caught Andrew's attention.

This is the bay, and the hills around Vernazza, the second town in Cinque Terre. If you look closely you can see the vineyards.

The brightly coloured buildings around Vernazza's port.

The two of us, in Vernazza.

Vernazza from above -- we think it looks a bit like Newfoundland in this shot.

Vernazza's church, with one of the most intricate manger scenes anywhere.

The sun shining on the Mediterranean.

Vernazza from another view.

Vernazza as you come into the town from Monterosso.

A mountain view...

Manarola, from another angle.

The mountain path, leading from Vernazza to Corniglia.

Narrow streets, leading through Vernazza.

Manarola -- the fourth town of the five.

The houses along the path seem like they are perched on the edge of the mountain. Sometimes you wonder what holds them up there.