A brightly decorated Christmas tree in the town of Mandlieu, where we were staying. The town is just up the road from Cannes.

A sign that caught Andrew's attention.

Some roman ruins in Nice.

The ferris wheel in Nice, lots of fun and great pictures from the top!

Here's the Nice beachfront as seen from the ferris wheel.

The beach at sunset.

Andrew testing the water to see if it's warm enough for a swim.

A street performer uses signs on the waterfront as his stage.

The beach-side walkway between Cannes and Mandelieu.

A clock tower overlooking the Cannes marina and downtown area.

A romantically lit street lamp.

Andrew and Friedel, waiting for the tour boat to leave and take them to the island of St Honorat, where there's a monastery and some walking trails.

Melissa, with the Cannes marina in the background.


On the island we found this lovely little inlet.

With lots of huge rocks!

Our mountain goat (aka Michael)

The monastery, as seen through the window of an abandoned fort on the island.

Melissa and Michael explore the fort.

The monastery on St Honorat, about a 20 minute boat ride from Cannes.