Our first view of Edinburgh Castle.

Another shot of the castle from the park that runs around its base.

Edinburgh town centre as seen looking through the walls of the castle.


We queue up for the first night of the Edinburgh Tattoo -- hundreds and hundreds of people! But it moved surprisingly quickly.

Someone yells hello from one of the flats overlooking the main street, and hundreds of people turn to look and return the greeting.

The opening scenes of the Tattoo.


A closer shot. The men in white robes and red hats, nearest the camera, are from Oman.

Dancers from South Korea.

More South Korean dancers.

One of the many marching bands.


The next day we made our way north, and stopped for a little hike in the town of Dunkfeld, just north of Perth.

We followed a trail along a river.

Another shot of the river.

Views of the fields near Bill and Moira's house in Strachan.

Cows in a nearby field.

Heather filled fields and a beautiful sky. Seen on a Sunday, driving through Scottish hills.