St Stephen's Green -- a park and duck ponds in the centre of Dublin. It's not unlike the Public Gardens in Halifax.

Andrew enjoying his lunch on one of the park benches.

One of our first stops was at the Guinness Beer Factory...a mecca for Guinness lovers everywhere.

The line up to get into the factory. You can see the train tracks they used to use to bring things in and out of the premises.

They still brew beer in the same spot where the business began, hundreds of years ago.

The bar on the sixth floor of the factory, where they serve free Guinness to everyone who visits!

Andrew enjoying his Guinness, with all of Dublin behind him.

We had fun in the gift shop too.

Stylish, Andrew!

The inside of one of the pubs in Dublin.

Friedel and Andrew in some gardens behind Dublin Castle.

The seaside is only about a ten minute train ride from central Dublin. The sun was shining when we started walking along this boardwalk.

But soon the fog started to roll in.

It came in very quickly, forcing the sailboats to return to the harbour.

From a sunny day to a grey one in about 20 minutes! You would hardly believe it was the same place.