The river running by Warwick Castle.

You can see the water wheel in this picture, that provided the castle with electricity from the late 1800s and a way to grind flour for many centuries.

The inside court of Warwick castle - as seen from a nearby hill.

Looking down from the castle at the half-timbered houses of Warwick.

Friedel finds her home -- Rother Street in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

A cute little house that caught our eye.

The view of Chipping Campden's main street, as seen from our hotel room.

The church in Chipping Campden.

The centuries-old market in Chipping Campden. The town itself was founded in 689.

The Badger Inn -- where we stayed in Chipping Campden. Good food and even better service! If you're ever going this way, let us know and we'll give you directions to this place.

Houses and skies....

Sheep resting under a tree.

Some of the views we saw on our hike around the Cotswolds, just outside the village of Overbury.

After climbing to 1,000 feet above sealevel we could see for miles around.

The simple paths that run all over the countryside -- a rambler's dream!