Cortina, as seen on a cloudy day from the mountains.

The same view, just from a little higher up.

Alpen cows, they are all over the hills around Cortina!

A closer view of one of the cows.

The mountains as you come into Cortina.

The horizontal view of the same mountains.

The mountains completely surround Cortina, which is about two hours drive from Venice.

We took a few drives through the hills and this is what we saw through the trees.

Cortina by night.

We took a ski life up to the top of Cinque Torri.

You can see quite a distance from the top.

The view from the cable car.

Looking towards one of the other peaks.

More mountains....

The top of the lift.

Once you get to the top, there are many hiking trails.

Friedel and Andrew at the top of Cinque Torri.

We flew out late in the afternoon so we decided to spend a few hours on one of the outlying islands of Venice.



The Swiss alps, as seen from the plane.