The Cortina curling rink -- two sheets.

Ian, Tara and Dee on the first night, watching a game.

Sten and Ane on the ice.

Margaret and Mumsie Reed in the beer tent on the first night.

Margaret, Lori and Stephen.

Teri gets sprayed with prosecco for her birthday.


The aftermath.

Teri and Lori go for Pete.










A great barbeque the next day up in the mountains.

Friedel and Andrew walking down from the mountain.

A bit of curling that afternoon.

Dee at a pizza place on Friday night.

Ruben and Ane also at the pizza place.

Ian devouring his pizza!

Leslie and Mark

The whole group, at the lake in the moutains.

Stephen, Leslie and Mark




Ane heads to dip her toes in the water

But Stephen decides to send her in.

Ane, not looking very pleased afterwards.









Big Shooters becomes Big Hooters




Chris offers Michael a beer.

They follow a special "ritual"

And now the result!



Margarita intiations.







And the night ends with a bit of table dancing.