Now the party begins! They had a little hut that served as a bar outside the curling rink.

Leslie from Toronto, Canada.

Marco from the New Wave curling club - an Italian team.

Joan and Stephen, dancing in the beer tent.

Inside the club, Mark - along with our teammates Lynn and Paul - enjoying their beers.

More beers please!

The Vancouver curling team tried escargot one night.

Kimberly, Kelly and Rick - feeding snails to each other.

Lynn's face says it all - she wouldn't touch the escargot!

Tony gets his bra stuffed by Rochelle.

Harry decides he also needs some extra padding!

Joan's face seems to say it all here!

Andrew, forced into a hug with Harry.

Andrew on the ice, after he ripped his curling pants.

Stephen teasing Terri, while she tries to catch a few minutes sleep.

Joan serving behind the bar.

Yadranka, Rick and Paul in the beer tent.

Lynn and Paul, sweeping the rock.

Stephen delivering the rock.



Harry skipping one of the last games of the weekend.

The Vancouver and Luxembourg teams pose after a game together. From left to right, Tony, Kimberly, Kelly, Leslie, Rick, Terri, Harry and ??

Joan helping out Tony...don't ask!

Rick and Paul tuck into pizza in one of Cortina's local restaurants.

Party night started in the hotel bar.

The Italians latch onto Lynn, who doesn't look too pleased with the whole situation!

There were a few intiations into the Margarita club.

Drink, drink, drink!

The next day we had the playoffs - here are the top two teams, Canada1 and Margarita England.

Canada1 accepting their prizes!

And posing with the trophy.

Second place went to Margarita England.

The Hamburg team came in third.

New Wave Curling Club accept their prizes.

After all the prize-giving it was time for the last party of the weekend!

The first girl has lemon, the second one salt and the third one has the tequila!

Ana and Antonio make their way through the line-up.



Yadranka takes a taste.


Later on we moved to the hotel and the fun continued...Stephen was enjoying himself!