Melissa and Friedel, relaxing on the couch.

Alex and Geoff making faces....they're pretty good at that as the rest of these pictures show!

Michael enjoying some soup...

Geoff tries out Alex's beret...

and Alex gets ahold of Geoff's hat along with his funky new sunglasses.

Alex strutting her stuff.

After a few glasses of wine we got silly...just what can you do with a pile of Christmas streamers? Nice hair, Friedel.

Melissa sports the feather boa look.

Mike plays the part of the jolly elf.

Then there's Alex with her ballerina's tutu...


Geoff goes for the eccentric French artiste look.

Hmmm..where's that cigarette?

And Andrew gets lots of chest hair.

Our two Christmas trees -- the real one is on the left and "Stumpy" on the right.

Geoff gives Alex one of his expert massages.

Melissa tries on the sunglasses.

Geoff and Andrew make supper.


Christmas morning, with a morning glory (champagne and orange juice).

Alex opens a mystery present from Evan.

Oh boy, a grim reaper doll!

Do we see a resemblance here? Toothy grins all around......

Friedel tries on the hat......

And finally, it's attack Alex time!

Smile for the camera!