We went for a small tree this Christmas, but we had a great decorating team for one little tree (affectionately known as Stumpy). Jocelyn taught us all to make origami cranes to decorate it.

Here are Friedel, Jayme and Alex -- ready for a day of boxing day shopping in London!


Alex, looking very cozy in her fish blanket, probably on Christmas morning.

More tree decorating -- Alex and Jocelyn style.

Here's our present opening on Christmas morning.

And the Christmas dinner.....Mike Taylor, Ty & Belinda (from Australia) and Andrew (one of our housemates).

More happy Christmas dinner......Jocelyn, Alex and Andrew.

Here we are afterwards, slightly more mellow after a great meal.

Yet another dinner shot.

Jayme and Mike.

Jayme and Alex.

Everyone dig in...these were all taken at the house in St. Katharine's Dock.

This is one of the balloons from the "American style" New Years Day parade. We didn't stay long though because the streets were packed.

Some pipers in the parade.