The view from one of the many ski trails of Chamonix.

Looking down, waaaay down, as our cable car climbs up to the next ski post.

This was taken at one of the highest mountain peaks in Chamonix. As you can see it is sunny at the top but the clouds mean the town of Chamonix is often cloudy.

The cable car that runs just behind Kosciusko Lodge, where we stayed.

Another ski trail...

One of the mountain-top restaurants.

More mountains...

Andrew enjoying lunch at an outdoor café on the ski hill.

A glacier we went to see one afternoon.

Experienced skiiers can take a route that goes right over the glacier called la vallée blanche.

Friedel inside the glacier.

More mountains...

Another view of the glacier.

The lifts between ski areas.

Wide pistes, with hardly anyone on them.