On our first day in Canada we stayed with Andrew's cousins Penny and Arthur, who treated us to a wonderful meal. This is Penny and Andrew, just as we were leaving the next day for Sudbury.

When we got to Sudbury there was a surprise in store for us -- baby Owen Allard! Here he is, two weeks old, with his uncle Andrew.

Another shot of Andrew and Owen, in Michael and Lydia's kitchen.

Two Mikes and Andrew celebrate Owen's birth with some Glen Breton whiskey.



After a weekend in Sudbury we drove through beautiful Northern Ontario, making it to Montreal later that evening.


A lake that caught our eye along the way.

One of the people we visited in Montreal was Chris Tucker, a friend from Friedel's year in Strasbourg.

When we got home, we took some time to take some pictures of the Maritime landscape.

These were taken in the Baie Verte area.


This was taken at Fort Beausejour, looking towards the CBC radio towers.

We also took a weekend and went to Prince Edward Island. Even though it was mid-October, we had beautiful 20 degree weather on both days.

In Cavendish, Friedel decided to play the part of the tourist.

Some sand dunes on one of the many beaches we visited.

Self-portrait on the beach.

Watching the sun slowly set on the beach.


The last few rays....

The next day we got up early to catch this mist on the lake.

Around lunch we took a stroll through PEI's lovely Greenwich Park, in the north east of the island.

A fishing wharf we stopped to explore along the way.

We took the ferry from Wood Islands to Pictou on Sunday afternoon.

And then we had Thanksgiving dinner with Joyce's family as well as Uncle Paul.

Paul, Friedel and Andrew together.

Once we got back from PEI, people started arriving for the wedding. This is Rose and Friedel, with Alexa, John and Connor.

After the wedding, we took a little drive through Nova Scotia, to the Balmoral Grist Mill near Tatamagouche.

An autumn view from the Grist Mill.