A view of Caen from its hilltop fortress. You can see a couple church spires in the distance.

The entrance to the fort. There are a couple museums inside that are very good for showing you the local history and also free on Sunday!

The war museum in Caen. You could easily spend a whole day at this place, and they organise trips to see the D-Day beaches.

One of several Canadian cemeteries along the Normandy coast.

Looking towards the sea at the Canadian cemetery.

Another picture of the cemetery. Although it is mostly Canadian, there are several other nationalities represented here.

One of the beaches where the troops had to make their way up the cliffs.

A bunker looking towards the sea and used by the Germans to defend their territory. Inside is a massive cannon that apparently recoils more than a metre when fired!

These are perhaps the most famous D-Day Beaches, where much of the killing took place. You can see how flat the beaches are, meaning the troops had nowhere to hide from enemy fire.