Most of our weekend in Bruges was very wet and cloudy, as you can see from these pictures.

We did enjoy climbing the bell tower though -- nearly 400 steps to the top and this is the vew along the way!

One of Bruges' many churches in the distance.

This city is like stepping back in time -- all kinds of little alleyways and canals to explore. Nearly every street is cobbled.


In this shot you can see the main square and some of the Christmas market and ice rink. Unfortunately the rain stopped us from skating.

To get out of the rain we went to see a display of ice sculptures. It was based around a Greek theme.

The attention to detail was amazing. This was a hand reaching for an apple on a huge tree made of ice.

Cereberus, the3-headed dog at the entrance to hell...

On Sunday morning we went for a walk along the canals. It stopped raining long enough for the swans to come out!


One of the windmills on the edge of the city...

Friedel tries to get closer to the windmill.

The mills are placed every few meters along the canal.

Andrew in the airport.