This is us getting reday for a tour of the West Pier in Brighton. Mark is on the far left, Bob next to him and Andrew on the far right -- it was a trip we took with the camera club we've joined in Enfield.

This is the West Pier. It was opened in the late 1800s for the Victorians so that they could "walk on the sea" and improve their health. But it's been closed now for around 30 years.

Underneath the walkway are several relics from the pier, to be restored when they get enough money.

The beach in Brighton, very much like Nice in its landscape.

Walking up the pier, they hope to restore it starting in 2004.

This is a close up of one of the sides of the pier. You can see the benches on the edge. Yes, they have fallen a bit but they were always designed to be on the very edge of the pier.

Another close up shot of the pier.

And from the inside.....

Looking out the window of what was once a ballroom.

This is the second half of the west pier, which is closed to the public because its so unsafe.

And from another angle.

A close up of part of the pier.

A tour boat, sailing out around the edge of Brighton beach.

Another close up of the pier.

The Brighton seashore.



Andrew, after a few beers.